Mark your calendars now for our Spring Equinox weekend on  21-22 Septemberspring Equinox weekend

The Equinox is a celebration of fertility, heralding in the Spring.

  •  Saturday 21 is a special celebration of the Equinox with Vikki Cunningham.   Gathering at 1pm for a special walk in search of the Elementals, Faery and Nature Spirits, this will be followed by a Celebration of Spring and a discussion about the history celebration of fertility. Acoustic music will be provided by Songdahla followed by a bonfire campfire singalong. Bring your Dutch Ovens to cook in the fire. Traditionally seeds and herbs are planted in these celebrations to herald in the new growth with abundance.
  • Sunday 22  is the day for Faerys and Fairies so don your wings and costumes and fly in for a visit!  Miss Lilly Pilly will be in residence with more stories, wands and other things to make, and fairy things to do.  At midday we’ll see the Music Melting Pot happening – join a jam or just kick back and enjoy an afternoon of listening.

People who wish to join the Intimate Equinox Celebration around the bonfire on the Saturday Night and camp over on this weekend should contact whistlehillstudios@gmail.com.au

TiPis are available for bookings for overnight accommodation. Contact info@forestofyranquility.com.au for details.

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