It’s Autumn in NSW and there’s a whole lot of exciting new things to see here in the Forest.


Photograph: Jeannie Lawson

Our Forest changes with the seasons and Autumn is the time to discover our fascinating fungi!   Every day sees new and different types appear along the Forest pathways, in a variety of colours and shapes;  Our Lyrebirds love the moist conditions, too, as they bring lots of worms (their favourite food!) closer to the surface of the soil beneath the leaf mulch; Small reptiles are hunting out the last of the warm places before their winter sleep time so we may discover some Dragons in the Forest!; Some of our bush food plants, such as the Lilli Pilli, are beginning to fruit while others, like Rubus, use this time of year as a growth period due to the abundance of recent rains; More rain means a healthy creek system with many water bugs providing food for the native fish species to be found in the Forest, not to mention the platypus!

There are so many things to discover in the Forest! The best way to see it is on a guided walk with our award-winning eco-tour naturalist, Jeannie Lawson. There are two walks being conducted during the April school holidays – Thursday 17th and Thursday 24th – at 1pm. The cost of a guided walk is just $5 per person [separate to Forest entry.] Bookings essential as places are limited.


Photograph: Jeannie Lawson


Photograph: Jeannie Lawson

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