Meet fun, new, interesting people and become a friend of the forest – learn, work, play.  IMG_0034

FIREFLY MAGIC  mid-November to mid-December  from 6:00pm until 9:00pm.  The Fireflies come out at Dusk and like humidity. However they do vary nightly, so we suggest the evening is deemed an opportunity for a twilight stroll and evening picnic. A torch is recommended –  for footsteps NOT for viewing.   Did you know…the Fireflies in Australia are different to anywhere else in the world? They use their ‘glow’ to attract a mate or to kill off a competitor.  Talk to our award-winning guide about the special characteristics of these beautiful creatures that inhabit our forest.


Opening Saturday 9th November through to Sunday 21st December

Closing weekend event:

21 December ~  Wizard – Costume Event and Workshop Details – Park entry from midday on Saturday. $30 per person. Wizard Workshops commence 3pm. Finish 5:30pm.
  • Laughter Yoga.
  • Healing Gongs – Songdahla Sound Bath in the Forest.
  • Artistic Photo Tips for the smart phone
  • Fire Twirling Beginners
Wizard Costume Competition – Awards and prizes for originality, aesthetics, creativity and sustainability.

Bookings –

~ ~ ~

WORKSHOPS Environment and Nature workshops are a regular part of our School Holiday program and are also offered throughout the year [subject to weather conditions].

IMG_0503    SOAPBOX SUNDAYS  these days are an opportunity to share your passion and learn some new ones.  They include Music workshops and performances organised by Whistle Hill Studio

Nature  Bush Foods/Medicine with Harmony Visions …or

Find a Platypus with CC Platypus Research.  11-2pm Costs: between $5-$10 pp – inquire in advance please.

Art Workshops – The Forest of Tranquility   Come and explore The Forest of Tranquility and learn a range of different techniques to capture native plants and animals in their native habitat.  Drawing, Painting, Sculpture workshops are held at various times through the year.


BOOKINGS AND INQUIRIES:   (02 ) 4362 1855

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