Meet the Residents

Here at the forest, we have some of the rarest birds and creatures you’re likely to find in Australia.  IMG_1085


  • the Regent Bowerbird ….in its stunning yellow garb, a rather shy and retiring bird indeed
  • flocks of beautiful King Parrots
  • the Yellow Robin
  • Lyre Birds
  • Blue Fairy Wrens complete with their harems
  • the Red Firetail Finch   IMG_2025
  • Tawny Frogmouth
  • the Golden Bell Frog …did you know that Ourimbah used to be the Frog Capital of the world?
  • Platypus
  • Macropods ….ie many different types of kangaroos, such as;  Kangaroos; Wallabies; Wallaroos {otherwise known as the Euro}; Red Neck Wallabies; Pademelon; Swamp Wallaby

And as you take the forest walk, you’ll see:

  • just ONE of the few remaining Red Cedar Tree which was logged almost to extinction.  This was because they were in great demand for things such as Fine Furniture because of its fine-grain wood and the fact that it lasts up to 100 years.  One of the reasons perhaps, too, why it was in great demand for use as Totems [carvings].  The Red Cedar was also known as Red Mahogany and musicians will be interested to learn that one of its many uses was/is for guitar tops [although nowadays the most common timber used is Spruce]
  • the Bunyanut tree – used by Aboriginal communities for ceremonies and feasts.  {musicians note that Maton uses this wood for the tops of their Parlour Guitars for its unique sound}
  • the Illawarra Plum Tree – not to be confused with the most commonly seen, the beautiful Illawarra Flame Tree
  • not to mention the great array of Bush Foods to be found in plentiful supply in the forest

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  1. Nelly says:

    Absolutely beautiful website

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